BREAKING: Phone call with Senator Coburn scheduled for Tuesday, Mar 9th

More than 40 days after initially requesting a personal meeting with Senator Coburn, the Senator has agreed to hold a twenty minute phone call with campaign leaders tomorrow, March 9th. The conversation will go down at 5pm CST. Let’s hope and pray that it is productive. Hold-out-camp.jpg

It’s been 10 days of the Hold Out now, and a group remains outside of Senator Tom Coburn’s office, seeking a compromise that will address Senator Coburn's objections and allow the LRA Disarmament and Northern Uganda Recovery Act to pass through the Senate. Their numbers have grown; over the weekend they were 75 strong, nearly double last weekend’s crowd.

It rained this morning, but that did not dampen the spirits of those present. More rain and thunderstorms are expected later today and throughout the week, which will pose a new logistical challenge to be overcome.

In the meantime, the kindness of strangers continues to surprise and encourage. Two middle-aged men from Oklahoma City, after talking to the demonstrators, were inspired by the cause and have now joined the Hold Out. They knew nothing of LRA atrocities prior to seeing the event in the news. Those two men, Paul and Greg, spent the weekend sleeping outside Senator Coburn's office.

Other local community members have been equally supportive. There is a cafe on the ground floor of the Senator's office building, just inside the entrance.  Last Thursday, the cafe delivered a platter full of sandwiches to the demonstrators. Hold Out participants gratefully accepted the gift, but it wasn’t until later that they realized that one of the cooks had paid for all of the sandwiches on his credit card.

The cook is from Honduras and has recently become a citizen of the United States. When the cafe owner found out what his best employee had done, he offered to reimburse him, but the cook replied that he wanted to do it because “This is America.” He explained that he came to America because this sort of political change is possible. He went on to say that these young people are changing the world and they are changing the future for his 3-year-old son.

(Thanks to Invisible Children for posting this faster than us!)

Call Senator Coburn’s DC Office (202) 224-5754