Join the Oklahoma Hold Out


Since December of 2009, Senator Coburn has blocked the passage of a bill intended to help end the longest running war in Africa and support communities ravaged by horrific violence at the hands of the rebel Lord's Resistance Army (LRA), led by indicted war criminal Joseph Kony. During these three months of Dr. Coburn's hold, Kony's forces have gone on to attack, murder, and abduct innocent civilians across South Sudan, the DR Congo, and Central African Republic. The reality is that every day of inaction on this issue comes with a severe and painful price.OK Hold Out

Senator Coburn's lack of personal engagement indicates that ending this crisis is not a high priority. We believe it should be.

That's why we're not leaving his Oklahoma City office until he engages personally to find a workable compromise. The Oklahoma Hold Out is our chance to convey the urgency and importance of finding a solution to Africa's longest running war.

Here's the breakdown: 

WHO needs to be there? You and everyone you know.

WHAT is going down? 

After gathering on Friday, February 26 at the Oklahoma Capitol Building and marching to Seantor Coburn's office in downtown Oklahoma, we simply aren't leaving. There are dozens gathered outside his office, educating passerby about what's taking place, generating considerable local media coverage, and holding out until Senator Coburn lifts his hold. Yes, this is crazy. But our spirits are high, and we believe sincere commitent and sacrifice of comfort is the strongest way to tell our leaders that this crisis is unacceptable.

This event is for Oklahomans and non-Oklahomans alike. If you are willing to make the trek----and if you are willing to hold strong with us---- we are honored to have you join us.

WHERE is this happening? 

Senator Coburn's Oklahoma City Office
100 North Broadway Suite 1820
Oklahoma City, OK 73102

WHY are we doing this? Because the only way to save this legislation is to convince Senator Coburn that this issue is worthy of his engagement to find a way to make it work.

HOW should I prepare? Four simple steps:

1. Sign up HERE for the Oklahoma Hold Out to make sure you get any update emails and further details.

2.  The dress code is simple: Wear what you need to wear so you won't die of hypothermia. (And we recommend comfy walking shoes)

3. If you are sticking it out with us (through the night, if necessary), bring a backpack with things to keep you warm and goodies to snack on.

4. Watch this update video from Lisa and Kenneth, who are spearheading the "hold-out" vigil.

5. Spread the word. Join the Dr. No Please Say Yes Facebook group, go to an Invisible Children Screening and invite your friends, and Tweet it up (#coburnsayyes). We want as many people as we can get joining us for Oklahoma Says Yes.

6. Come!

Can I call and talk to someone?

Yes. Activist Jordan Perl has kindly agreed to take your phone calls and logistics questions - Jordan's phone number is (909) 856-1505

One VERY important caveat: We want this campaign to be one marked with integrity and respect. Loud, angry, obnoxious protests are so 2009. It's a new decade, people, so keep your calls, letters, and attitudes positive and respectful. 

It's game time. Let's show Coburn that our resolve is strong because peace in central Africa is worth it.


Call Senator Coburn’s DC Office (202) 224-5754