The Legislation

Over the past two decades, the rebel Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) – led by indicted war criminal Joseph Kony – has led a campaign of terror across central Africa, attacking civilians and abducting tens of thousands of children who are used as soldiers and slaves. With governments in affected countries (which include Uganda, Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Central African Republic) unable to protect their own populations, U.S. leadership is needed urgently to galvanize international action to stop the violence and help affected communities recover.

The bipartisan LRA Disarmament and Northern Uganda Recovery Act is the most significant attempt by the U.S. Congress to generate such leadership. After tens of thousands of Americans joined campaigns supporting its passage, it is now the most widely cosponsored legislation focused on sub-Saharan Africa in modern American history.

If the bill is passed, its key accomplishments would be:

  • Requiring that President Obama be the first U.S. President to develop a comprehensive plan guiding U.S. efforts to end the violence and help affected communities recover
  • Authorizing $10 million in immediate relief to families who are fleeing their homes due to LRA violence across three nations
  • Authorizing $30 million to support processes in northern Uganda that address the root causes of the war
  • Requiring new measures to ensure that U.S. funds are implemented transparently, and that the Ugandan government takes greater ownership over the rebuilding of northern Uganda

None of this will happen unless Senator Coburn is convinced to allow the bill to pass.

Visit Resolve Uganda to find out more details about this legislation, including:

  • The full text of the bill
  • The bill’s current bipartisan cosponsors in Congress
  • A brief memo explaining the legislation in greater detail
  • The bill’s current status in Congress
  • Words of support from some of the bill’s high-level supporters

Call Senator Coburn’s DC Office (202) 224-5754