Press Roundup: The Hold Out is all over the Oklahoma news


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FEATURED PRESS: Oklahoma's CBS affiliate interviews activist Mark Nehrenz and Resolve Uganda's Lisa Dougan on the VICTORY:



"Geoffrey Okot, a member of the Acholi tribe in northern Uganda, told the group his brother has been abducted. He doesn’t know whether his brother is still alive, but he said his only hope of seeing his brother again is if Coburn liftshis hold on the bill.

'Coburn, please listen to my cry,' Okot said." 

  • (2/28) The local Fox News affiliate picked up the action today:
  • (3/2) CBS News9 covered the March 2nd press conference:
  • (3/2) U. of North Texas Daily did an excellent feature peace:
  • (3/4) News9 did an even awesomer piece here:
  • (3/6) News9 on the hunger strike:
  • (3/6) News9 interviews Resolve Uganda's Lisa Dougan:
  • (3/8) Uganda's Daily Monitor:
  • (3/9) University of Central Oklahoma:
  • (3/9) ThunderTV on the victory:
  • (3/9) News9 video on the victory:
  • (3/10) Oklahoman news article on the victory:


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