Take Action

coburn say yesThe momentum is building as dozens of activists refuse to leave Senator Tom Coburn's office in Oklahoma City until he allows the LRA Disarmament and Northern Uganda Recovery Act to pass the Senate, but help is needed from all corners of the country.

Here's what you can do:

1. Seriously, come to Oklahoma. People are driving and flying from all corners of this great nation to make a stand.

2. Sign the petition, and spread the word (however you can, but #coburnsayyes on twitter or the facebook group are two ideas!)

3. Email and call your own Senators, and request that they issue statements (like Senators Inhofe and Feingold already have) calling for Senator Coburn to allow the bill to pass.

4. Donate $5 to the YES Fund - forgo even just a single cup of coffee and contribute $5 or more to help this epic effort for peace. Funds go to help feed and supply those holding out.

5. If you feel called, join the MercyFast, a prayer and fasting effort that will continue until a compromise is reached.

5. Call Senator Coburn. Every day, until he lifts his hold. His DC number is (202) 224-5754. A more detailed guide is here. Or you can email Senator Coburn directly from his website.

Call Senator Coburn’s DC Office (202) 224-5754